About myself

My name is Olga. I am usual girl. Sometimes I like to talk something about myself, my interests, reflections and actions in my life. I don’t like a winter, this season is a bore time for me, therefore I am spending the most part of my time at home. And I don’t like to watch TV.
I want to learn English because I want to understand my favourite music, to translate it and to talk about it with other people at the english forum. It's as my hobby.
I like to listen to the music. When I am listening to my favourite melodies I like to dream, to have longing, to smile, to take energy…. And now my musical tastes one can see in my profile.But I like different misic, there is the smaller part of my favorite bands in my profile. I like to listen to the music in the way to my work.

one case

The new daughter's tricycle already failed though we have bought it recently. It has lost its two back wheels during walk. The reason was simple. Our tricycle has been incorrectly collected in shop. In current time everything is OK. Just all this happened very unexpectedly but now we can laugh on this funny case.

100 & one joy of life. The last week

1. About a mood of last days.
Wednesday & Thursday (27th-28th of April) were very awful and nervous days. My daughter was capricious without the reason very much. The dog barked at a door a lot, than it angered me. But Friday (29th of April) was very quiet day. The dog slept half-day at a door, my daughter wasn't capricious, I have spent cleaning at home and had а very nice mood.

2. About a recent purchase. 2th of May.
My husband has bought a bicycle. He is going to go by a bicycle sometimes, also I will go by a bicycle on Saturday and Sunday - for 2 hours when the daughter will sleep after the dinner. Both of us thought of it for a long time, but didn't hasten with purchase. I think it's very good because now I am not almost engaged in sports except morning exercices. Also trips on a bicycle are interesting and pleasant.

3. During the last week my daughter has learned to do a lot of new things. About this I will write in new post tomorrow because post won't be small.

100 & one joy of life. On April, 19th & 20th

I will write "today" for 20th and "yesterday" for 19th.

1. Today in the morning the sun shone very brightly
2. But during the day the wind blew
3. These two days were easy. But tomorrow there will be a difficult day
4. My daughter continues to please with news
5. I don't forget to write at least one post in two days to this LJ! :)
6. I hope I will continue this tradition to write to this LJ
7. Good news aren't present for today more, but also bad news are absent! :)
8. Today I have bought coffee - I like to drink coffee in the mornings, and it has ended.
9. My daughter itself gets on a bicycle! Also she itself dresses shorts and trousers!

100 & one joy of life. The first day, on April, 18th

1. Today was an unpleasant wind, but It seems to me that the weather was a fine because the spring soared in air.
2. As usual today I was walking with my little daughter. Such walking is very important and necessary for a health because it allows to breathe fresh air.
3. I were reading much more then usailly my virtual friends
4. I have tried to participate in competition in Russian. it was unexpectedness for me I was always afraid and hasn't been assured of quality of my stories.
5. My little daughter was been cheerful and wasn't capricious a lot.
It was a good day! :)


One of my virtual friends oksana_mash every day is writing about some positive things and small events which have occurred for a day. There are usually about five or ten points. Such posts helped to remember a lot of positive things for the ending day. So if we will see all these small trifles, our mood will be very nice every day. And more: I would like to write in this LJ everyday, but I very often don't find theme for posts or I happen lazy :)
Such posts will named "100 & one joy of life". My next post will be about. Therefor the next 100 days I will write here every day I hope :)


Hi, everyone!!!
I have decided to return to this LJ...
I wasn't present here for a long time, but I hope I will appear here more often...
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Hi, winter!!!

What a rapid time! I even haven't understood when autumn left us. Now snow has covered all streets of towns and all roads. What I say! We can see the snow everywhere-everywhere-everywhere around us. Also some weeks ago we have bought sledge for my little daughter. Now we go to walk on a sledge instead of а baby carriage. I think she is feeling herself much better on a sledge than on a baby carriage because a baby carriage already is very small for her. But today it wasn't cold and we can see many pools around us again. But tomorrow will cold again if the weather forecast was true. Also the new year will come very soon!!! It's a best holiday for me and many of us!!!

Has decided to write a bit...

Hi, everyone! Lately I am lazy very much. So autumn weather made me sleepy.
People are very strange creations. They don't like any weather. When there was a heat (about 40 degrees) we wish coming autumn. And now I long a little and I want to sleep a whole days. But my small daughter demands attention.
And I think we should find nice moments every day and life is wonderful thing in any weather. Therefore I try don't forget my old interests and hobby, and try to learn something new.
Don't have a sad mood! Everything will be very nice!

rain and english in start of July

At night it was rainng. I was glad to hear the sound of rain droplets behind a window. Because the hot in my region is not my favourite weather. It's very cool that sometimes the rain comes to us, but now I would want the sun come back to summer blue sky. And I think so it will be. But if sometimes It was raining for a change it would be very cool
And one more. In June I was reading some inglish lessons, but I have not dared to send my first homework for checking. I am afraid for a long time that I know the stuff very bad, tried to check it once again and tried to find my mistakes. But the task was not difficult. I have dared when I was listening to some songs on english, because I have understood a bit of song's text (just a bit). Yeah, why have I forgotten about my player? :)
At last I have liked to write and read something on english. And my homework as been made right: the new staff didn't contain mistakes, but one mistakes was in a possessive pronoun (sometimes I forget about old rules and words when I concentrate on new stuff especially). But I still think for a long time and then try to check... But I am not afraid when I write here :)